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Your one-stop destination for modern tableware, royal porcelain, glassware, and much more.Embrace stylish living and build stories for a lifetime by selecting the most exquisite quality tableware & glassware, and transform your casual table setting into a royal one with our timeless collection, inspired by worldly culture.

What We Bring

Viola is a luxurious glassware and tableware brand dedicated to discover exemplary global designs and present them to you online. We commenced our committed search for these classic designs by visiting different corners of the world and acquiring a thorough understanding of the best quality tableware, in particular glassware and porcelain. This tableware played a significant role in embellishing a table in ancient times. We realised that with the incorporation of this essence and originality, the modern-day tableware in India would get equipped with an unparalleled look. The history of its creation and performance has motivated us to devise an authentic collection that maintains a modern yet classic style. Ranging from floral printed porcelain tea sets to decal printed glassware, it is dedicated to best serve all your feasting needs.

Unravel the essence of world culture in every feast through our meticulously crafted tableware and glassware!

The Products

Our products are designed in numerous countries across the globe by the most skilled artisans in this field. Each of them is focused on paying attention to every minute detail and develop refined products that outshine others. Viola’s artisans uphold its value of sustaining ancient world culture and are focused to mould their imagination into beautiful plates and cups. Pottery is one of their core areas, and our tea sets are examples of it. Viola ardently believes that a blend of minimalism and style together make a tableware exceptional, which is clearly reflected in our collection. We offer a wide assortment of tableware ranging from decal printed glassware to royal porcelain dinner set, many of which are inspired by the lavish English culture. Each of our products in these groups is ideal for every tablescape and serves best in any celebration. They also form an excellent gifting option on birthdays and anniversaries.

Viola’s exhaustive collection encompasses certain limited editions also, such as the super white porcelain dinner set with luxurious flower printing and the decal printed glassware with Irish theme work, which demonstrates the supremacy of love and care, both efficiently collocating together. Our rose printed glassware and tea sets are other such distinctive products that make us unique. All these and more are a result of hours of relentless craftsmanship and artistry to accomplish the highest standards for each of our products.