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Viola Black & Gold Coalescence Cutlery Set

Set of 4 (1 Dinner Spoon, 1 Dinner Fork, 1 Dessert Spoon, 1 Dinner Knife)

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“Don’t just drool over the grandiose food being served; increase your appetite by just gazing at your cutlery”

A beauty beyond description cannot be fathomed with mere words. It can only be experienced by owning it. The superiorly crafted cutlery set designed beyond imagination, is elegant but subtle. They say “each dish has a history behind it”. Now you can say “each morsel has a story behind it”… after owning this exquisite piece of cutlery. This one of a kind well designed gold plated cutlery with matte finished black handle gives surreal beauty. It comes in a set of four.

Each set comes with a dinner spoon, a dessert spoon, a knife and a fork. The gold tipped cutlery just enhanced the taste of the food manifold. This exquisite cutlery is made from high quality SS 410, which has a high corrosion resistance and equally is durable. Be it the spicy Mutter Paneer or just a sweet Malai Kofta, this cutlery makes each bite memorable with your family. And why should this dining experience be just restricted to you and your family? Gift your relatives and friends alike.

  • Style – Royal Gold  (MIRROR POLISH)
  • Material- High Quality Stainless Steel (18/10)
  • Grade- SS 410
  • Decoration- Charming Gold cutlery with matte black handle and opulent mirror finish
  • Black & Gold Coalescence Cutlery Set for a sophisticated dining experience 
  • Well designed gold plated cutlery with matte finished black handles gives surreal beauty.
  • Each set includes a dinner spoon, a dessert spoon, a knife and a fork
  • Made up of a robust and durable corrosion free material
  • Ideal for candlelight dinners
Care Instructions
  • Hand wash recommended for this product.
  • Avoid using harsh detergents.
  • Wipe and dry with a soft cloth.
  • Microwave Safe- No
  • Dishwasher Safe- Yes (Hand Wash Recommended)
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